If you have just installed Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 and seem to be missing some of the new Web Access features this post is for you. These features need to be enabled post-install. Missing features include the ability to manage your backlog, plan your sprints, and define your team’s capacity. The figure below shows Team Web Access without these features.


Figure 1: Team Web Access is missing the sprint and backlog management features by default

You need to enable these features using the TFS Administration pages. To get started, open a browser and navigate to the server (you will need admin rights). You can go to the URL for the site as in [http://yourDomain:8080/tfs]. From here, you will want to select the link, “Administer Team Foundation Server”. Figure 2 below shows an example.


Figure 2: Use the TFS 2012 admin pages to get started

Clicking the link, Administer Team Foundation Server, will take you to the Control Panel for the server. Here you will see multiple tabs. You will want to select the “web access” tab. Figure 3 shows an example of the Control Panel page.


Figure 3: The Control Panel web page allows you to manage features of your TFS server

The web access tab allows you to control the features that are deployed by default for the given project collection. Notice in Figure 4 you have three options: Limited, Standard, and Full. Be default, Standard is set. To enable the full set of features that include sprint planning you select the Full link from the left side of the page. You then select the “Set as default web access” link as highlighted in Figure 4.


Figure 4: Select “Full” and then, “Set as default web access”

These features are now enabled on your site. If you return to your project site and refresh the page you should see them. Figure 5 shows an example. Notice the Sprint planning is now enabled.


Figure 5: Refresh your project site to see the new features including Sprint planning